Domenico Farelli
South Wales based filmmaker and artist
Some segments from art events and live performances filmed in Cardiff. 2:40min

Clip #1 - Carlos Bunger, Artes Mundi - This was a documentation of a final performance during his residency. It was a couple of hours presented as a 7 minute video.

Clip #2 - Catriona James - Shot a rehersal and live performance to create a promotional trailer to send to other venues to promote the show.

Clip #3 - Likely Story - Live performance during a R&D for an ongoing project. 

Clip #4 - Piano Pieces - Two person team, we filmed an evening of piano performances mixed with art performances. 

Clip #5 - Rachel Walsh - A short performance during a themed evening of, "Jubilee" by Derek Jarman.

I was a videographer for The Cinematic Circus, as part of The Circus Village Wales, 2021 with nofitstate. I was supporting participants interested in photography/filming and documentation. 2:08 MIN

Clip #1 - An improvised piece by the three performers, just the one take.

Clip #2 - Same performers, improvised again, however a three camera set-up that I directed and also shot.

Clip #3 - Live performance, performers had a couple hours of rehearsal, two camera set-up

Clip #4 - A one-take video with a Go-Pro on a stick with the aerial team

I also work in motion graphics and animation, below is a short video I created using After Effects with still images. 1:00 Min
A selection of full videos.