Several animations as an artist response for an evening of durational performances.

Part of the exhibition space that was projected onto. 

#1 - Projected on a loop on the cut out felt so it appeared whole. Projected onto a performer as they emerged from a wool cocoon as a rebirth.

#2 - Projected onto the back wall throughout the night. Sped up for reference. I tried to capture the movement of people swiping the birds into place on the wall.

#3 - Projected onto rocks that were gathered through movement, then onto the performers black or white attire as they moved through the space. Particle forces were added to change flight paths at certain parts.

RSE - Animations as part of short films for Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.

#1 - Used the Puppet Tool in After Effects, and a wiggle expression to animate the hearts to flutter like butterflies

#2 - Commissioned illustrations, animated to move through space, like leaves in the wind

#3 - Pipe Cleaner figures, given slight movement to appear talking

SEAGULLS - Experimenting with 2.5D/Parallax effect. I wanted to make something surreal and cinematic from a series of still images.

44 seconds

Art Now For You - Utilising Instagram’s 60 second video limit, I created 26 (for each letter of the alphabet) separate art pieces. Each video was then released everyday like a satire of a video art advent calendar.
I then the videos shown on a loop, as part of an installation in Cardiff, Wales later the next year.
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